$45.00 USD

Become Mom Again

When your child struggles with ADHD, Sensory Processing, Anxiety, and more, it feels like you have become a drill, Sargent.

Become Mom Again is your answer to:

- Clarity on what you need to do to support your struggling child.

- Understanding your child and where they are now.

- Gaining peace of mind knowing you are taking the right steps to help your struggling student thrive.

So what is all of this?

The 2022 Focus Forward Conference speakers were such a hit we are bringing it right into your home. 

Becoming Mom Again is all of the speaker presentations recorded for you!

Plus, the bonus of Mom, Me & My ADHD. A program that includes a downloadable interactive journal with videos to help you along as you work through the questions with your child.

This is a deal you DO NOT want to miss!

To learn more about the sessions included in this program, click this link: https://focusforwardadhd.com/conference


What People Are Saying:

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of information and the personal connection each presenter had with the challenges being discussed. In some instances it was like seeing these challenges from the inside out. This will help me to see my students with different eyes.

Susan W.

I enjoyed listening to the different speakers and their prospectives on ADD .

It opened my eyes to a bigger picture.

Hearing Tyler's story/personal testimony; tools and resources that were provided and mentioned

I learned so much more about the sensory needs of this population of students. It was a real insight to what I can do as their teacher to help in these moments.

Thank you for offering this! Great information as both a parent, teacher and person with ADHD myself!

Nicole, Parent

I went into this conference with a focus on one thing and left with a tremendous amount of knowledge not only about what I went in looking for but also things about myself that I want to learn more about.

Amber M.

The whole event was AMAZING!

S.B., Parent

It is so empowering to learn more about mine and my baby's neurodivergent minds, as I do my best to show up for her the best way I can!!

Cierra S., Parent

Such a great conference with a lot of information!

Mallie E., Teacher

Everyone commented at how much this helped them.

Stephanie B., Exhibitor

The resources and support you pulled together were unprecedented (as far as I know!) and so incredibly uplifting for parents. I left feeling encouraged and hopeful about the ADHD journey with my 12-year-old daughter.

E.A., Parent